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Adaptive Medias and AdSupply on the Verge of Collaboration

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 30, 2016

IRVINE, CA: In a recent development, Adaptive Medias and AdSupply have planned to merge together and come up with a combined entity named as ‘Adaptive Medias’. Adaptive Medias is the provider of mobile video delivery and monetization solutions, whereas AdSupply operates a high impact advertising network that provides advertisers a meaningful connection with consumers.

AdSupply through its network allows brands and agencies to buy high engagement advertising across quality websites, both online and on mobile. The company’s newly launched BlockIQ technology bypasses ad blockers and enables online publishers to recover lost revenue. The software offers publishers and advertisers an option to display a welcome message explaining the value of the website as well as the damage caused by ad blocking to the website and community. It protects the publisher’s content using the BlockIQ Passwall system, which refuses to show content until the site is white-labeled. The BlockIQ Block Bypass system serves ads to the visitors by defeating ad blocking.

Media Graph, the mobile video platform offered by Adaptive Medias built with mobile in mind, works across all screens and devices. The platform which is light and nimble loads extremely fast and has a small footprint with a highly intuitive UI. It provides a turnkey “full stack” solution to match inventory, premium content and advertising on a single platform.

The collaboration is expected to yield significant synergistic value by combining valuable intellectual property portfolios and offer new, incremental revenue streams.   The higher margin, fast growing Media Graph and BlockIQ products will also help in increasing the efficiency of a consolidated R&D capability.

“Customers win with BlockIQ and a new, higher value proposition while shareholders benefit from a larger company with a far stronger market position. We’re eager to get the deal closed, and due to our cultural compatibility we believe the consolidation of the two companies will be fast and seamless,” states Justin Bunnell, CEO, AdSupply.