AdaptiveMobile Unveils 'Messaging App Security' to Support Messaging Applications

By CIOReview | Monday, February 1, 2016

DALLAS, TX: Messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Kik have gained wide acceptance in the communication world. The huge proliferation in usage of mobile messaging applications, gave space to increasing number of security breaches such as sending spam messages for eliciting money, phishing attacks, and hacking devices to obtain personal information. As a solution, AdaptiveMobile- a provider of mobile network security solutions introduces ‘Messaging App Security’ product to secure the user base of these messaging apps.

AdaptiveMobile’s Messaging App Security uses advanced threat detection algorithms, user reputation analysis and traffic controls to identify and block new threats as well as the one which crosses over from conventional messaging. The solution provides security through carrier network and it offers a RESTful API (REpresentational State Transfer Application Programming Interfaces) to messaging applications to deliver excellence in user experience. 

The functional components of Messaging App Security include Security engine, Security center, Security Reporting and Security Policy. Using proprietary, constantly-updated Fingerprints, Security Engine detects known spam campaigns in real-time and evaluates other traffic with a proprietary Spam Analysis Engine to detect suspicious traffic that may be new campaigns. Security Centre is AdaptiveMobile’s Threat Intelligence Service which evaluates and confirms new threats detecting across the global network security. Security Reporting collates and processes suspect traffic to identify new messaging threats; it determines the reputation of the devices connected to the user’s network.

The Messaging App Security uses fingerprinting algorithms to eliminate continual threat metamorphosis. Similarly, it avails in-network proprietary algorithms to constantly investigate and identify suspicious new threat types, delivering up to zero-minute protection. Without the need of service deterioration, the Messaging App Security helps to meet the requirements in comprehensive and flexible policy capabilities. Also, it features Global security team with “Big-Security” threat analytics platform to support in-network threat detection and remediation. The application helps visualize system-wide behavior and drives content-based reputation of all sources driving policy decisions.

“Our carrier-grade Network Protection Platform (NPP) protects over 1.3 billion mobile subscribers on a daily basis, and today we extend this expertise to IP-based applications facing the growing threat of abuse, delivering world class security either running as a cloud or on premise in customers’ networks” says Brian Collins, CEO, AdaptiveMobile. Besides, AdaptiveMobile Threat Intelligence unit make available three Messaging Abuse Prevention service packages to meet the specific requirements of various operators, where the services are provided using AdaptiveMobile’s network-centric security software platform NPP.