ADSI Releases Mobile Computer-based Order Packing & Shipping Software

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 6, 2016

SCHAUMBURG, IL: Advanced Distribution Solutions, Inc. (ADSI) has announced the global availability of its new order packing, verification and shipment processing software that will enable fulfillment staff to navigate to wherever they’re required in the warehouse. The software, fully optimized for mobile deployment can be used to quickly pick, pack and ship orders on an ergonomic mobile computer using ADSI’s Pack-IT and Ship-IT software.

Worker activities can be tracked at every instant in the fulfillment process, combined with real-time tracking and visibility into the entire order lifecycle using ADSI’s solution. “We’ve always focused on providing robust functionality, but our customers let us know they also wanted our software to run on devices like ruggedized mobile computers and tablets. That’s what we’ve delivered in this release,” says Bob Fischer, President and CEO, ADSI.

ADSI’s entire product line gets expanded with this latest release and some essential capabilities have been integrated to the solution. New tools have been added to simplify and hasten the onboarding of new carrier rates and services. The solution has also acquired certified integration with FedEx FSMS 2015, Web Services 2015 software, and EDI provider SPS Commerce. The release is further integrated with the iDim 100 dimensioning system, featuring enhanced international shipment rating and export document generation system. Additionally, the solution is proven to demonstrate enhanced functionality in Size-IT, ADSI’s handheld barcode scanner and dimensioner.

Fischer adds, “We’ve just released a new cartonization module that analyzes order contents to determine the optimal carton size for every order. With this module, shippers can be sure they’re using the right package size for the lowest possible shipping cost.”