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AI Billing Brings Relief to Healthcare Consumers

By CIOReview | Monday, June 24, 2019

AI-based billing offers transparent data sharing between patients and providers, while also enabling the administrators to manage their expenses effectively.

FREMONT, CA: The payment processes in healthcare are often more stressful for the customer than the rest of the medical procedure. After the insurance filing, it can take weeks or months for the patient to receive the bill, by which time they will have forgotten about the treatment, let alone the hefty payment.  Hence, there is a need for healthcare providers and insurance companies to leverage emerging healthcare technology to enhance the customer experience.

The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) can aid the organizations to streamline the insurance process, enabling the medical providers to implement transparent and seamless payment methods. The rise of technology has equipped organizations with a plethora of options to enhance the customer experience. It includes online healthcare portals, healthcare websites, online voice options, mobile applications, smartphone payments, and so on.

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Implementation of AI-based payment methods can alleviate the stress and complexity involved in healthcare transactions. It can enable consumers to track their payment information, including their insurance. The automation of the billing process can assist the patients in dealing with the hectic process of payments without having to look forward to the unexpected bills.

AI-based technology can aid the patients in accessing their payments options as well as tracking their various costs. It offers transparent data sharing between patients and providers, while also enabling the administrators to manage their expenses effectively. The incorporation of emerging technologies in the medical sector can help the consumers in availing high quality and cost-effective healthcare regardless of their background.

The emergent healthcare technologies can bring a transformative revolution into the industry. The transparent billing process will equip the consumers with knowledge about the formulation of their payments. The automated platforms can enable consolidation of bills and explanation of benefits (EOB) to facilitate a simplified statement easily understandable by the consumer. It will not only help the patients in managing their bills but will also ensure patient satisfaction.

Simplification of healthcare processes can improve consumer engagement in the treatment process, and also the affinity of the brand. Clear and understandable statements can promote more timely payments. Also, it can assist healthcare providers and insurance companies to augment brand loyalty and enhance financial returns.

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