AI Continues to Amaze the World with More Use Cases
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AI Continues to Amaze the World with More Use Cases

By CIOReview | Monday, May 14, 2018

In old days, several scientists and builders experimented with different materials to form new substances. As time passed, they gained knowledge about the physical properties of various compounds but most of the understanding was based on intuition. Back then, artisan understanding of the relationship between that internal structure and awesomeness was the basis of their work.  

Gone are the days when discovering new materials depended on inefficient trial and error strategy. To speed up the innovation, scientists are making complete use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). A good case in point is the Northwestern University where a team of researchers used AI to find ways to create new metal and glass hybrids. The research process was 200X faster compared to doing the research in the laboratory. There are many others ways that scientists are utilizing AI to their full capacity. A good number of scientists are constructing massive databases of thousands of compounds which will allow algorithms to predict the perfect combinations to form new materials.

Today, scientists are using databases and computations to figure out what combination can turn out good or bad, stronger or lighter, potentially revolutionizing industries. Items like battery can consume a time period of more than 20 years for the correct materials to be integrated into a useful product. With AI in place, the process can be accelerated to help researchers and scientists build better batteries, glasses, and sensors for cell phones and health devices.