Akamai's Control Center to Support OTT Services

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 28, 2016
Dr. Tom Leighton, CEO, Akamai

Dr. Tom Leighton, CEO, Akamai

LAS VEGAS, NV: Akamai, a provider of Content Delivery Network (CDN) services has announced the launch of its Broadcast Operations Control Center (BOCC), built to ensure the credibility of Over The Top (OTT) services. Headquartered at Cambridge, MA, the company has a well-trained technical workforce and a wide array of tools that cater to the monitoring, analytics, availability measurement, and reporting needs of its OTT customers. The tools also provide real-time support for the customers who specialize in delivering live and on-demand video content.

The dedicated range of Akamai’s tools that have been developed on Akamai’s Media Analytics provide the BOCC professionals with a comprehensive outlook of their customers’ workflow. The team specializes in broadcast issue resolution and is equipped with diversified skills to address the unique requirements of the Akamai OTT clientele. Operating in overlapping shifts the Akamai team monitors different aspects of their clients’ media performance to ensure smooth transitions. Inspite of the variable workflows, Akamai co-ordinates with customers to bring in the best encoder profiles and player configurations made to address their needs while supporting various adaptive streaming formats.

The BOCC has been designed and organized by Matt Azzarto, Director OF Media Operations, Akamai, a skilled broadcast systems engineer assigned with the responsibilities of getting the top practices from online video streaming, network operations, and television broadcasting into a key hub to keep a track of and provide support for enterprise OTT video services.

“Empowered by Akamai’s Intelligent Platform, companies are able to improve web performance for an instantaneous, personalized and secure web experience,” says Akamai’s Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Thomson Leighton. “We’d like our software to be on every device—in every home, branch office, enterprise, and ubiquitous throughout the carriers, so that we can optimize and secure the delivery of online content and applications.”

On the other hand, the BOCC is boosted by Akamai’s Network Operations Command Centers (NOCC) and Security Operations Centers (SOCs) which jointly offer wide-ranging insights into potential threats related to traffic activities and worldwide network conditions. These balancing centers assist Akamai customers in securely and proficiently serving the best quality of video content for their global audiences.