Akana's API Management with Added Capabilities for DevOps, Automation and Security

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 1, 2015

 LOS ANGELES, CA: Enterprise API Management and Cloud Integration provider, Akana integrates capabilities for DevOps, automation and enterprise class identity management into its API management platform. With this integration, developers can combine Continuous Integration platforms with automated provisioning of API portals using Akana’s Community Manager, which includes CIs like Jenkins and TeamCity. As a plus, it also automates updates to key API-related content, like definitions, documentation as well as licensing models.

"APIs have fast become the de-facto standard for digital enterprises to connect applications and services with digital end-points like mobile apps and [the Internet of Things],” states Brent Carlson, Akana’s Senior Vice President for technology.

 Akana provides support for widely used API descriptor document types, which include RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language), WADL (Web Application Description Language), Swagger and WSDL (Web Service Definition Language). Akana’s Lifecycle Manager's AnySource Asset Adapter (ASAA) can source API content from multiple software configuration managers (SCMs), including GitHub, Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) and IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC). Ahead of DevOps, Akana also integrated its API management platform with Ping Identity Corp’s federated identity management and single sign-on solutions.

 This Ping Identity integration is anticipated to enable enterprises in extending Identity and Access Management (IAM) to APIs, apps as well as developers from the Akana platform. The IAM integration covers all the constituents listed for Akana API suite, and implies that IAM users can log into the Akana Community Manager Developer Portal.  The Akana API Gateway can also help in authenticating API calls made by apps which are used by IAM users.

Akana OAuth Server can control Resource authorization using an enterprise's IAM solution via the Akana API Gateway. It offers OAuth security for APIs, and also  provides an enterprise authentication and authorization solution (a security token server) that integrates with enterprise IAM. Alongside, Akana-Ping integration supports standards-based interfaces and tokens, which includes OpenID Connect, JSON Web Token (JWT), and SAML (Security Asset Markup Language).

“These any-to-any integrations broaden the reach and deepen the security of the Akana platform's API lifecycle automation, from development through publication, documentation, update and retirement,” states Akana’s EVP Roberto Medrano. He adds that they also enable Akana customers "to offer their end-users a truly seamless and secured experience across all their digital channels.”