Akanda's Astara to Simplify Complex Neutron Implementations

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 28, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Project Astara- earlier known as Akanda OpenStack project, has been selected as an official OpenStack Foundation project. Akanda, the only open source network orchestration solution and the main supplier to the OpenStack project Astara, has announced the selection.

Termed as a simple, compatible, open source solution for network virtualization, Astara is a layer 2 agnostic and interfaces with the OpenStack Neutron REST APIs, which delivers development resources to the project. With the recognition as an official OpenStack Foundation project; it now offers OpenStack operators, a strong networking simplification and quickness- the most complex- major component to be considered in OpenStack clouds. It also delivers an orchestration platform that addresses the complex nature and scale of Neutron implementations by negating OpenStack operators’ needs for complex SDN controllers, overlays and multiple plugins for cloud networking.

In addition, the project intends to deliver an integrated network service orchestration for connecting and security multi-tenant OpenStack environments; and features a driver-based orchestrator to coordinatenetwork functions from different providers on bare metal, VMs and containers.

Commenting on the newly named official Astara project, Mark McClain, Former Neutron PTL and Chief Technology Officer of Akanda, says, “Demand has grown for a new way to simplify OpenStack networking via multi-vendor networking services and Astara is that platform. We will continue to work closely with the OpenStack community to offer support and contributions towards finally creating a hardware-vendor neutral open networking stack. We expect the community will like how quickly they can contribute to Astara and OpenStack users will like how seamlessly they can implement the platform into their own clouds.”