Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniPCXEnterprise Purple to Offer Enhanced Communication Experience
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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniPCXEnterprise Purple to Offer Enhanced Communication Experience

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 2, 2021

OmniPCX Enterprise Purple, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's latest digital age communication platform, provides a progressive communication experience.

Fremont, CA: Excellent interaction, efficient administration, and a well-organized infrastructure, all require effective communication. Communication clarifies negotiations, facilitates knowledge transfer, and assures that everyone on a team is working toward the same goal. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, a leading provider of communications, cloud, and networking solutions customized to clients' industries, launches Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX® Enterprise Purple, a communications platform built for the digital age.

OmniPCX Enterprise Purple provides a revolutionary communication experience for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to design the future of work and the digital workplace that their employees and customers want. OmniPCX Enterprise Purple uses SIP as its foundation to provide all enterprise-grade communication features while maintaining the highest level of security.

Its openness allows real-time communications to be integrated into corporate processes and applications, reducing latency with intelligent objects, increasing business productivity, and improving customer happiness. OmniPCX Enterprise Purple is built to connect to the cloud, allowing businesses to embrace new models like a hybrid cloud while preserving their existing investments. OmniPCX Enterprise Purple includes a new line of professional desk phones designed for the digital office, including home and remote work. It also integrates voice communications with cloud-based collaboration systems like Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's Rainbow platform.

OmniPCX Enterprise Purple provides a cutting-edge omnichannel experience for customer service teams and contact center enterprises based on the future hybrid cloud CCaaS solution that will help businesses better engage with their consumers.

Nicolas Brunel, EVP, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Communication Business Division, commented: “OmniPCX Enterprise Purple is delivering on what is essential for enterprises and public organizations to fully embrace the digital age. By providing an open platform designed for the new workplace and integration of real-time communications into their core business processes, they can fully leverage the power of cloud.”