Allocadia Software's Latest Release Includes Predictive ROI Functionality for Marketers

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 15, 2014

Vancouver, BC, CANADA: Allocadia Software, a provider of marketing performance management software, has announced their latest release that now includes new predictive return on investment (ROI) functionality. The new functionality dynamically merges actual spend with planned investments giving marketers an easy-to-understand, graphical way to analyze and predict marketing performance.

“Today’s marketing organizations are committed to being revenue-driven, but to do so, they need to have a clear view of their current and future financials and revenue,” says Katherine Berry, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder, Allocadia. ”As the system of record for our customer’s global marketing investment picture, we are uniquely positioned to provide this capability. Using existing technology connectors and advanced mapping engine, we enable customers to tie back their financial and results data sets automatically to investments. We are continuing to add benchmark data (such as industry or organizational size) to our performance metrics, providing our customers with even more insight into their overall marketing performance.”

“Historically marketers plan, track, analyze and then optimize their marketing spend at the end of each quarter or year,” says James Thomas, Chief Marketing Officer, Allocadia. “This functionality allows marketers to continually optimize spend on a real time basis, make quicker decisions and adjust to market changes on the fly, instead of waiting weeks or months and missing key opportunities. As a former Allocadia customer, and now CMO, this functionality enables me to ultimately be accountable to our organization’s corporate objectives and stay on target for both investments and results. It completely changes the playing field for marketers in today’s revenue driven marketing world.”

To support this new functionality, Allocadia also provides a methodology called the “Path to Performance” that provides customers with the steps they need to understand and deliver predictive ROI. path-to-performance-diagram-300pxThe methodology describes how customers input their top-down target and bottoms-up plans for both investments and results. Allocadia then maps in actuals from connecting data systems such as ERPs, CRMs and Marketing Automation systems. This is then combined with data from various elements of the sales and marketing cycle, such as funnel stages, number of leads in the funnel, funnel conversion rates, and average deal size(s). From this, Allocadia automatically calculates predicted ROI.