Andersen's VeriLock Technology Offers Smarter Windows and Doors

By CIOReview | Monday, February 8, 2016

BAYPORT, MN: Andersen Corporation, manufacturer of windows and doors receives the “Innovation Honoree” award for its VeriLock technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. VeriLock technology notifies landlord of the house, if the doors and windows of their house are open.

The additional feature which sets VeriLock apart is the ability to determine if the doors and windows are locked. This provides an energy conservation bonus. When a window or door is in a properly locked position, it compresses the weather sealing around the opening creating a tighter, energy efficient seal. VeriLock technology can be retrofitted into the doors and windows as part of home security system through Honeywell Security or ADT Security.

VeriLock technology has made human life easier; all it requires is a quick glance at the security system keypad to check if the home is secure. Patrick Kennedy inks in one of his article published in Star Tribune that the firm offers the flexibility to home owners in creating their own self-monitoring programs.

Andersen’s VeriLock is trusted by many other firms’ apart from Honeywell and ADT, the sensor is also available on the E-Series product for example Casement windows, gliding windows. This cutting edge technology integrates wireless security sensors into most E-Series windows and doors. VeriLock sensors are built in a way that no wires or visible sensors are sighted that preserves the beauty of windows and doors. The technology also helps in monitoring thermostats, lightning, burglars breaking in, and more even when staying away from house.