aPersona's Adaptive Security Manager to Terminate Large Scale Breaches

By CIOReview | Monday, March 30, 2015

ALEIGH, NC: aPersona, a Raleigh, North Carolina start-up frictionless and an adaptive multi-factor authentication platform that protects account logins and transactions from fraud is setting out to terminate large scale breaches that are escalating at a staggering rate.

The startup is trying its best to make the stolen credentials useless for the hacker with the help of its Adaptive Security Manager. Unlike the traditional security tools that either require long processes for login or that are quite costly, this security tool is quite convenient for users and is also cost effective.

With every transaction, the Adaptive Security Manager runs against behavioral factors and digital fingerprints with its learning mode that will learn about the user’s interaction with all protected applications.  In case of doubt, the system prompts for additional verification and based on the correctess of the details, the system records it as normal.

The tool is also provided with a back-end process that will inform the team regarding threats at the earliest. The team is also alerted in case of anthem breach allowing them to make the hackers credentials useless in no time. It also allows the creation of risk analytics, which can be used for compliance reporting.

“I originally needed a solution for myself. I was on the management team of a sizable cloud services provider and simply could not find an ideal solution to protect logins. Every solution I looked at either had no intelligence or was priced in a way that would not scale. While no company is immune to attack, deploying aPersona’s cost-effective, user-friendly tools dramatically reduces the potential for the most common method of breach,” says Kelly Sparks, CEO, aPersona.