Apigee's Latest Intelligent API Platform Aims to Curb Cyber Threats

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: Business-critical functions are shifting to connected devices and enterprises are discovering new ways improvise and grow. However, these new opportunities are also giving rise to new vulnerabilities. Cyber-attacks are inflicting damage to enterprises in the form of operational disruption, intellectual property loss, brand reputation and financial fraud.

Apigee, a developer of intelligent API platform for digital business launches Apigee Sense, a data- driven security software that leverages high volume of API call data and predictive analysis to tackle the crisis.

Designed to protect organizations from the cyber security threats that arise from the proliferation of API-powered, internet-connected devices and enterprise systems, the solution proactively identifies bad ‘bots’ which are automated software programs that are deployed over the Internet for malicious purposes like identity theft. The software uses machine learning to intelligently improve security.

The bot detection algorithms are built on predictive analytics and anomaly detection techniques that aim at differentiating good bots and humans from the bad bots. The potential bad bots are then automatically identified and customers can block them from engaging in malicious activities  on applications.

Apigee Sense includes new capabilities such Data-Driven Risk Models, Advanced Security Analytics and Automated Risk Mitigation. Data-driven risk models monitor billions of API calls in the Apigee Cloud, identify transaction anomalies, uncover hidden bot patterns and attacks and provide insights for counter measures and investigation support. The risk models are empowered by a high volume of API call data, machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics to continuously adapt to threats.