Aptitude Software Joins IBM to Deliver New Big Data Technology
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Aptitude Software Joins IBM to Deliver New Big Data Technology

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 3, 2014

BOSTON, MA: Today, most of the enterprises are lacking the potential to optimize profitability and improve strategic decision making; addressing all these needs, Aptitude Software, an enterprise software provider, in coordination with IBM has come up with IBM PureData Solution for Profitability Insight.

Different kinds of industries ranging from telecommunications to financial services, strive to achieve better financial insights, but are often restricted by the massive volume and complexity of their data. Telecom operators, for example, want to calculate profitability of customers with different usage profiles and need to make better decisions about how to price plans as well as where to invest in infrastructure. In many cases, operators also need better cost and profitability data to address regulatory reporting needs.

However, Retailers have to calculate and improve their direct product profitability by optimizing product assortment, mix, and pricing. Understanding how to reduce costs for logistics and store handling by changing product characteristics such as size and location also gives them a competitive edge.

 In contrast to the long duration enterprises used to take for allocating costs across their portfolio of services, with the help of this new Big Data technology, they can now calculate the profitability of brokerage services in less than five minutes. The ability to quickly and confidently extract these insights revolutionizes the team’s ability to optimize profitability on a daily basis.

The Aptitude Allocation Engine provides business users with intuitive interfaces to set up multi-dimensional profitability calculations. The software is optimized for the IBM PureData System for Analytics, which simplifies and maximises the performance of data services for analytic applications, enabling financial analyses to run in minutes, rather than hours.

IBM PureData Solution enables CEOs, CFOs and other heads of business to rapidly calculate the profitability of an individual customer, product, price plan, investment, channel or any other dimension, using Big Data to unlock detailed financial insight. The solution processes billions of allocations per hour so that enterprises can calculate line-level profitability and rapidly iterate analysis to analyze profitability drivers.