AR and VR: Re-defining Food Production
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AR and VR: Re-defining Food Production

By CIOReview | Friday, June 28, 2019

Technology-based maintenance procedures are introduced in food production plants around the globe, to thwart and handle the risks involved.  

FREMONT, CA: AR and VR technologies have started to create headway within the food industry. While development expenses are still high, numerous F&B companies are beginning to understand AR/VR's potential and consider it as a sound investment. Industrial maintenance can be expensive, and time-consuming, but it is necessary for the plant ecosystem to stay efficient, and operational.

Even a temporary downtime period can lead to a loss of manufacturing for the food industry. This is why many companies have made improving maintenance quality a priority, with enhanced acceptance of preventive or predictive maintenance methods.

Technologies like AR/VR prove to be valuable ways to help maintenance engineers repair equipment and systems more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Maintenance employees can use a VR headset or even just their mobile devices to see an increased perspective of hardware, highlighting individual component performance data and the best way to access them.

The engineer can view real-time system data and see which parts perform inefficiently by using a purpose-built AR application. In this case,  the compressor requires lubrication of the evaporator. This can then be solved by the engineer in the least disruptive manner possible, minimizing the impact on the production of the necessary maintenance.

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With all this, for industrial enterprises, VR and AR are far more than quirky techniques. If correctly used in conjunction with an IIoT platform that promotes predictive maintenance, they can assist plant executives in attaining the next level of industrial maintenance effectiveness, where maintenance-related inevitable downtime can be minimized to moments.