Aravo Solutions Announces Customer Retention Results for FY'14

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Aravo Solutions, a provider of cloud-based Supplier Lifecycle Management solutions has announced its customer retention results for FY'14. After completing its Q4 customer renewals, Aravo reported a customer retention rate of 99.4 percent for the one year period.

Aravo launched its Customer Results First initiative in 2012 to align and strengthen the focus of the company’s Product Development, Customer Support, Solution Delivery, and Sales organizations around the singular goal of delivering customer success.

"It is truly an all hands on deck mentality. It is fantastic to see all of our customer-facing departments so strongly aligned around customer success. Our global organization is marching to this singular cadence, and the results speak for themselves in terms of customer satisfaction and retention," said David Rusher, Vice President of Product Strategy and Services. "

Aravo's growth has been powered by successful client implementations, positive customer references, and a reputation for putting clients first. The organization's client list includes companies across a wide spectrum of industries, ranging from pharma/life sciences and consumer packaged goods, to financial services and high tech, to industrial manufacturing and business consulting. As a part of their client experience, most Aravo customers participate on the Aravo Customer Advisory Board (CAB). Aravo's CAB provides clients with an open forum not only for engagement with Aravo, but also offers the opportunity for Aravo clients to collaborate directly with one another to share user experiences, practices, and provide input into Aravo's product roadmap.

"We are proud to announce our 99.4% customer retention rate for fiscal year 2014. The investments we've made in our SLM solution, delivery model, and implementation approach have paid clear dividends in terms of customer success, and our entire global organization deserves tremendous credit for this strong retention result," said Michael Saracini, CEO, Aravo.