Aryaka's WAN-as-a-Service to Address Xactly's Application Delivery Challenges

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 16, 2015

MILPITAS, CA: Aryaka Networks, a provider of WAN optimization solutions, is offering its WAN-as-a-Service to Xactly. The latest offering will enable Xactly –a provider of sales performance and incentive compensation management– to improve remote desktop protocol (RDP) performance for its users across the globe.

WAN Optimization-as-a-Service solution combines multi-tenant, purpose built WAN Optimization technology with enterprise-grade connectivity through dedicated, global core network. It delivers LAN-like performance over enterprise WAN without the expense of MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) or the cost and hassle of WAN Optimization appliance solutions.

Xactly has tested and moved its international traffic over to Aryaka’s WAN as-a-Service. The company’s solution has addressed the latency issues Xactly was experiencing while delivering applications over long distances. It offers various benefits that include up to: six times faster application acceleration; 14 times faster TCP connection set up; and 10.9 Mbps peak bandwidth savings.

“The complexities and costs associated with MPLS make it unusable for many organizations today, especially those with distant remote offices and heavy investments in the cloud,” says Ashwath Nagaraj, CTO, Aryaka. “We offer global businesses an alternative to the high costs and limited agility of legacy WAN technologies. As a result, Aryaka is uniquely positioned to help global businesses transform the WAN from a cost center to an enabling technology, one that can help them keep up with an array of challenges, from globalization to cloud computing to Big Data and the Internet of Things. We’re excited that we could provide Xactly with the simple, agile solution it was looking for.”