ASAPP’s Autocompose To Enhance Contact Center Agent's Efficiency And Improve Customer Satisfaction
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ASAPP’s Autocompose To Enhance Contact Center Agent's Efficiency And Improve Customer Satisfaction

By CIOReview | Friday, June 24, 2022

AutoCompose by ASAPP will boost customer service agent productivity, improve response time and enhance customer satisfaction by automating up to 70 percent of agent responses.

Fremont, CA: Automation enables businesses to respond to unanticipated events, such as the emergence of new business prospects. Executives in the technology sector who embrace future-fit adaptive capabilities are on the right track. However, in order to be resilient, IT executives must employ automation to reinvent themselves and their businesses continuously. ASAPP, the AI Cloud company, launched AutoCompose, a new AI Service that suggests the right responses for digital messaging agents, enabling up to 70 percent of agent responses and driving higher productivity, satisfaction, and concurrency.

“Our AI Service AutoCompose provides Agents with personalized guidance and tailored language on how to message with customers, automating 70 percent of their digital conversations. The service identifies a customers problem in real-time as it evolves and provides Customer Service Agents a choice of the right responses to drive the best outcomes on chat, text, or messaging,” comments Priya Vijayarajendran, ASAPP Chief Technology Officer. “Rigid legacy canned response libraries have little applicability to most conversations and force Agents to spend time searching. With artificial intelligence, AutoCompose continues to learn over time to deliver the best outcomes for your business.”

AutoCompose brings value to the contact centers by suggesting the most accurate and suitable responses to agents at each turn of the conversation. AutoCompose is now available, using machine learning models to offer suggestions that dynamically adapt over time. It is pre-integrated into leading messaging applications or as an SDK/API for custom-built messaging interfaces.