ASPIDER-NGI Integrates Broadforward's Diameter Solution

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 3, 2015

BOSTON, MA: ASPIDER-NGI, an IaaS provider for provisioning, billing and revenue management solutions for operators, has revealed its integration with BFX Interface Gateway, BroadForward’s software-based signaling solution for Diameter routing and interworking.

ASPIDER-NGI delivers branded services for mobile network operators, in order to improve their service delivery and provide better customer engagement. ASIDER-NGI provides services to traditional mobile operators MVNOs, MVNEs and Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives to assist them manage connectivity.

The combination of Broadforward’s BFX Interface Gateway and ASPIDER-NGI provides a single design software solution for Diameter routing and any-to-any protocol interworking. BFX enables signaling scenarios across 2G/3G, 4G/LTE, IMS Wi-Fi, Fixed-Line and M2M networks without the need for scripting or development.

According to Taco Schoute, CEO of BroadForward, “We are very pleased to see that innovative players like ASPIDER-NGI have deployed our solution. BFX fits perfectly into ASPIDER-NGI’s virtualization approach and provides the routing, mediation and interworking functions needed to interconnect and control traffic in their cores.”

Jan Mooijman, CEO of ASPIDER-NGI comments, “We launched the BroadForward Diameter solution specifically for NFV and service orchestration across different signaling technologies and vendors”. He further added “This supports our innovation strategy by optimizing network policy, providing legacy mediation and adding dynamic routing for geo-redundancy. Bottom line: this helps us improve our services to our customers and increase our flexibility”.

BroadForward’s BFX Interface Gateway is deployed at leading operators around the world enabling various signaling use cases such as Diameter routing, mediation, LTE roaming, VoLTE, 3G-4G network interworking, fixed-mobile convergence, M2M communications and network function virtualization (NFV). BFX is designed to be the most agile and cost effective signaling solution available to service providers.