ASU Draper GSV Accelerator and K12 Game-Based Platforms Introduces New Era of Education Technology

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Brian Shulman, Founder and CEO, LTS Education Systems

Brian Shulman, Founder and CEO, LTS Education Systems

FREMONT, CA: There have been partnerships formed between education technology providers and investors with the initiative to beef up new education technology statewide.  The first partnership has held between Arizona State University (ASU) with venture capital firm Draper Associates and Global Silicon Valley (GSV). On the other hand, K12 acquired LTS Education Systems with a focus to improve old school learning method by delivering modern digital game-based learning solutions.  

The comprehensive research approaches of ASU will motivate students to study with real-world-testing platform, and its current ASU Draper GSV Accelerator will bolster the best-in-class learning technologies across the market place.  Alexa J Henry reported in one of her articles published in EDWEEK Market Brief that the program provides accurate authority to all accepted companies to integrate their technology with ASU platform, and also the services will be examined by faculty, staff and students of the university.

Simultaneously, the second partnership program of K12 with LTS Education Systems will allow them to develop K12 technology platform. It has also been reported by Alexa that the online education provider K12 has made the acquisition of LTS Education Systems for $20 million.

The products and services offered byLTS Education Systems is a combination of online learning solution with a digital game-based platform.  These platforms are adaptive and stimulate kids to study through a gaming approach. Stride Academy of the company facilitates cross-platform learning solution for pre K to high school students. Its technology identifies the performance of each student and helps them to score well. Stride Academy motivates students through effective and easy to learn platforms such as Blended Learning, Continuous Assessment, Gaming to Learn, and Individualized Intervention.

“The LTS Education Systems is a proven educational technology company that provides flexible learning solutions at 1,500 school and afterschool sites. Additionally, it is adaptive, it’s gamified, it’s engaging and it’s mobile, all of which we know works and it’s where we’re heading as an organization,” says Stuart Udell, LTS, CEO.

This will allow k12 to be benefited by merging the cross-sell opportunities of LTS with FuelED Solution, a qualified learning solution provider and now owned by K12. “Therefore, we will be able to take advantage of cross-sell opportunities with FuelEd solution set,” adds Udell.