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AtScale Partners Tableau to Deliver BI on Hadoop Accelerator

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 12, 2016

AUSTIN, TX: AtScale, a provider of interactive data visualization products focused on BI (Business Intelligence), announces partnership with Tableau, business intelligence software to deliver “BI on Hadoop” accelerator.
The AtScale partners deploys “BI on Hadoop” accelerator to offer a rapid prototype environment supporting all Hadoop distributions. It also provides a consistent, managed and self service access to Hadoop in a governed manner .Additionally; the new solution is cost effective & time saving that enables business users to analyze data at unlimited scale.
Hadoop is an open source framework written in Java script for distributed storage and processing for very large data sets. The main benefits of the solution include: no client or agents required, in-cluster support for Native HDFS, Cloudera, HortonWorks & MapR, and no data movement as business users get direct and secure access to all Hadoop data without compromising scale, performance or control.

"When looking to propose solutions to our clients, we look for innovative, proven solutions that deliver tangible value. The AtScale approach is well aligned with Tableau's strategy, both from a business and a technology standpoint. We are excited to take this offer to market!" says Bryan Senseman, founder at Inquidia, a Tableau partner.