AT&T Partners with Digital Realty to Offer Colocation Services for Secure and Faster Cloud Connectivity

By CIOReview | Friday, December 11, 2015

FREMONT, CA: With enterprise customers migrating their applications to cloud-based environments, the appetite for increase in data center capacity, bandwidth and cloud connectivity is growing. The partnership of AT&T and Digital Realty will provide customers with a highly secure, high-performing and reliable connectivity to their business workloads.

Walking on the footprint of Digital Realty, a provider of data center and colocation solutions, AT&T will expand its cloud connectivity service NetBond portfolio by offering collocation services across its network. The new partnership will allow customers to connect to the growing suite of AT&T NetBond cloud service providers from their locations within a Digital Realty data center.

Colocation is a solution for IT organizations that enables quick deployment of their computing infrastructure at remote locations without the large capital outlays or long lead times to develop their own sites. It can be provided anywhere at any time irrespective of small or large increments of secure space and power in a highly available and redundant environment. The solution gives IT organizations the agility to safely and securely deploy infrastructure as needed by the business.

Additionally, with the use of highly available and secure data centers, essential assets of a business can be protected in situation of unexpected incidents, such as flooding or fire damage at corporate locations. Digital Realty’s connected data center portfolio allows business to get the maximum value from their deployment.

The NetBond cloud services provide: enterprise-grade network security, performance and availability; scalability and on-demand capabilities that deliver dynamic bandwidth; and faster time to market, increased agility for IT services delivery and reduced capital outlay. It connects AT&T Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) virtual private network (VPN) to cloud solution providers’ (CSPs) platforms for delivering business applications through fast and highly secure connections. Hence, with the management of network security and performance concerns by AT&T, IT department is free to focus on revenue-producing projects that support enterprise goals.

Through extension of enterprise-level security to cloud platforms, NetBond makes it possible to adopt cloud services as part of overall IT strategy. Its self-service portal gives visibility into and control over network and computing resources. With the utilization of AT&T NetBond for cloud connectivity, customers can improve end-to-end reliability and network security. The inclusion of Digital Realty's portfolio of data centers into AT&T's solutions will expand the company’s existing product offerings of network and managed services, complementing AT&T's existing Colocation Services network of 38 locations in 16 countries.

Digital Realty’s connected data center portfolio allows business to get the maximum value from their deployment.

"We have enjoyed tremendous success in working together and today's alliance announcement highlights the opportunity for both AT&T and Digital Realty to help end-users deploy their IT workloads in our data centers via the colocation program and to provide greater performance, security and control via AT&T NetBond.  We are looking forward to working together to deepen our relationship with AT&T, already one of our largest customers, as we continue to build out our network-rich ecosystem of data center solutions and network of partners to provide openness and choice to our end-users," says Bill Bradley, Senior Vice President of Partners and Alliances, Digital Realty.