Sales Teams Close More Deals With Aviso's AI Guidance Platform
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Sales Teams Close More Deals With Aviso's AI Guidance Platform

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 27, 2019
Amit Pande, VP, Marketing & Strategy

Amit Pande, VP, Marketing & Strategy

With its Compass like capabilities, Aviso’s AI Platform is designed to guide sales teams to their revenue True North.

FREMONT, CA: More and more sales and Go-to-Market organizations are realizing the bottleneck effects of traditional forecasting techniques and sales technologies like CRM. Luckily, the answer to time lock, data scatter, and team misalignment (i.e., revenue killers) exists today. Redwood City, CA-based startup Aviso has created an AI-powered guided selling platform with all the capabilities a sales team could want or need to maximize wins.

Aviso’s customers, ranging from Fortune 500 leaders to high-tech startups, have witnessed an average of 20 percent growth in deals with greater than 90 percent predictability. How do they do this? By melding human expertise with AI insights, sales reps are able to see the probability that a deal will close by the end of the quarter—displayed on the platform as a WinScore—and then apply their own judgment to prioritize deals. The AI platform unifies sales execution and sales forecasting with capabilities such as follow-up actions (“nudges”) customized to consider the history and repetitive behavior of a sales rep, deal rooms for virtual collaboration, and more.

Aviso guides sales and go-to-market teams to close more deals, enhance growth, and reach higher revenue with its AI-powered platform. It not only delivers revenue intelligence but also facilitates team-wide actions, provides precise guidance to sellers, and delivers recommendations on how to course correct with recommended actions. It has enabled Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders (including Dell, Splunk, Honeywell, MongoDB, RingCentral, and FireEye) to drive higher revenue, achieve goals, and reach new frontiers. 

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Organizations spend a whopping $120 billion annually on CRM. What is all of that spend doing if only 43 percent of the sales representatives reach their quota? Perhaps the most exciting feature—for those who are unhappy with the time suck of traditional CRM—is its ability to reduce data entry from hundreds of fields down to a few key fields (“golden fields”) identified by the AI algorithm to be vital for closing the deal.

Aviso has revolutionized the deal review approach by providing sales personnel with enhanced insights. The AI-powered WinScores have enabled reps and managers to understand the reality of a deal and the crucial factors that influence it. Armed with this robust platform, the sales teams can seamlessly develop proactive actions plans to win.

The AI algorithm allows organizations to forecast run rates accurately, and provide the sales teams with a binary view of transactions. This paves a clear path from projection to close. It takes the guesswork out of forecasting, reinforcing it with certainty and accuracy while combining the best of human and artificial intelligence.

Aviso is leading the beyond CRM revolution; they are equipping sales teams with the right tools to unlock dynamic insights with proven predictability. The platform has enabled organizations to move away from ineffective legacy sales technologies toward AI supercharged insights, empowering them to strengthen their relationships with customers and create lasting value for both sides. Its contribution to the sales sector spurred the CIOReview magazine to name it as one of the “20 Most Promising Enterprise Performance Management Solution Providers” in 2018.