Belhamn's New VPXtra 1000CM-IQ Enable Customers to Do More from Less

By CIOReview | Monday, November 23, 2015

HAUPPAUGE, NY: Behlman Electronics, a subsidiary of Orbit International who supplies power to military shipboard, airborne and mobile programs recently announced the new VPXtra 1000CM-IQ  Power Supply. This is a VITA 62, Open VPX compliant, 6U power supply that delivers 700 Watts of DC power through five outputs with its distinct features.

Unlike the previous version, the new VPX has the ability to input power from 18-36 VDC. It enables VPXtra 1000CM-IQ power supply to continue properly in critical condition. The other features include low noise , eco  friendly, proper input-output over voltage management ,proper usage of surfaces , controls temperature automatically, extreme  load management and 90 percent typical efficiency. Behlman designed the VPXtra 1000CM-IQ   from ground up by putting together the basic elements and discovering maximum output from it.

It covers several aspects including measurement, power fluctuations and ability to monitor and report all output voltages. It also guides ANSI/VITA 46 signals for geographical addressing, NVMRO (Non-Volatile Memory Read Only) and SYSRESET. Apart from these, it also specifies user adjustable warning, fault level of voltages and temperature. With a 200k user storage memory for settings and information, is has become a power saving technology for the demanding situation.

Ron Storm, President of Behlman, says, “Achieving adequate cooling in such a high-density package was a daunting task, but it had to be done in order to enable higher power VPX applications.