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Bizagi Revamps BPM Suite 10.7 SAP Solutions to Optimize Business Performances

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 5, 2016

FREMONT, CA:  Bizagi, a BPM solution provider, announces SAP- certified integration of its BPM suite version 10.7 with the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. The platform provides a risk free and agile approach in helping businesses to eliminate the issues related to digital transformation.

SAP systems are robust and powerful and it aims at delivering strong business value and benefits to the organization. The Bizagi’s built in SAP connector enables seamless interaction with user’s SAP system and executive business functions, without the need of special coding. The connector helps in sending requests and monitors as well as responds to events that occur in the SAP server. Bizagi BPM suite also runs on SAP ERP applications.

Bizagi integrates with developed applications around the core SAP ERP environment to enhance delivery of process applications, increase stability and slash maintenance costs. The solution allows users to built, integrate and orchestrate digital process collaboratively and efficiently. Additional benefits on integrating through SAP connector features a powerful capability to configure error handling. Instead of delegating security to user’s web service setup, it authenticates directly with the authorized SAP user. The SAP connector also uses RFC connection through a more secure channel, where it can rely on hardened measures such as restricted ports.

Bizagi joins the SAP PartnerEdge program to develop and certify the technical integration of the solutions with SAP software. The program targets mutual customers to meet business results by extending, complimenting and adding value to the SAP solutions.

"This certification represents an important milestone to our organization. It validates our commitment to customers to deliver innovative, easy-to-use and agile solutions with the ability to leverage the business potential of assets provided by SAP and other vendors," says Gustavo Gomez, Chief Executive Officer, Bizagi.