Blue Medora Releases vRealize Operations Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server

By CIOReview | Friday, September 23, 2016

GRAND RAPIDS, MI: With IT environments become increasingly interconnected the lack of visibility towardsMicrosoft SQL Server workloadschallenges vAdmins to manage their integrated infrastructure. So, in order to overcome these challenges, Blue Medora, developer of cloud systems management has launched the vRealize Operations Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server that enables vRealize Operations’ monitoring, alerting, capacity planning and reporting capabilities to Microsoft SQL Server databases.

The vRealize Operations Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Serverunifies the database layer with the infrastructural layers into a cohesive and integrated view within vROps allowing the administrators to diagnose problems in their work environment. Besides this, the pack also allows support for vRealize Operations version 6.0, helping users to rapidly identify and resolve memory, CPU and storage issues and reduce time spent troubleshooting in virtualized databases. This enables the pack to proactively manage the performance and availability using intelligent alerts and recommendations and communicating indications of potential issues before they evolve into incidents and outages. Some of the features of Blue Medora vROps Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server include:

Enterprise-wide Visibility: Each layer of SQL Server and VMware is exposed within vROps to leverage powerful and patented capacity analysis algorithms inside vROps with the Management Pack’s addition of capacity definitions and an out-of-the-box policy.

View the Entire Stack:Simplified management and maximized monitoring efficiencies of SQL Server workloads through a single integrated console.

Improved User Experience:Traversal specifications enable administrators to quickly find and troubleshoot issues across their entire Microsoft SQL Server environment.

“Historically, vROps administrators haven’t had easy visibility into the health of the Microsoft SQL Server environment even though it’s an increasingly critical component of the database ecosystem. With vROps Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server, Blue Medora provides vAdmins with the tools to take control of both virtualized and traditional Microsoft SQL Server landscapes and proactively avoid issue,” says Nathan Owen, president and CEO, Blue Medora.