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BlueStripe to Enhance Cloud Application Management for Microsoft

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 15, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Microsoft takes possession of BlueStripe, an Application Management service provider to amalgamate its technology into Microsoft's System Centre and Operations Management Suite (OMS).

The integration expects to accelerate cloud application management, BlueStripe's solutions are designed to map, monitor and troubleshoot applications distributed across multiple data centers, cloud environments and heterogeneous operating systems.

IT professionals through BlueStripe will be able to gain insight into applications at the transaction level. By discovering and mapping applications and dependencies, one can detect issues for faster rectification. The solution also helps in maintaining SLAs (Service Level Agreement) across complex underlying infrastructure. In addition, BlueStripe aids in updating applicationson advanced platforms.

As per the BlueStripe Co-Founders,customers need to manage increasingly complex environments incorporating different operating systems, multiple locations, all while increasing their use of the Cloud. The solution deliversHybrid Cloud management solution  incorporating Discovery, Mapping, and Monitoring together in one tool.

Meanwhile, Microsoft will discontinue selling of BlueStripe solutions but will offer support to the existing customers.