BluVector 2.0 Leverages Artificial Intelligence Capability to Streamline Cybersecurity

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

MCLEAN, VA: Addressing to the issue of next generation network security threats BluVector, a product line of Acuity Solutions has announced the release of BluVector 2.0. It enables security analysts to identify previously undetectable threats to the networks by providing enterprises with faster and accurate malware detection. BluVector 2.0’s artificial intelligence capability enhances the ability of the enterprises to train BluVector appliances on their own environment. The solution is also designed to protect modern enterprises at modern data rate with resilient speed and deep network visibility.

BluVector patented machine learning techniques analyzes files including 32 and 64 bit Windows, PDF, OSX, Linux, Office, and APK file as well as many common image and compressed file formats. The software is especially designed for easy use with minimum deployment time that takes less than an hour while also producing actionable information immediately. It extends support to IPV4 as well as IPV6 infrastructure. The network sensor platform protects against threats by employing security teams to manage across 1Gbps and 10Gbps gateways in real-time.

The platform comprising single 2U appliance completely automates content post processing, threat intelligence correlation and custom data outputs. It also collects and analyzes millions of packets and hundreds of files seamlessly.

The key features of BluVector 2.0 include:

Environment –specific Learning: BluVector is backed by AI for cybersecurity that overcomes the common limitations of the security constraints by transforming base learning machine classified with their own network data and malware samples in creating customized detection classifiers.

Grid Deployment allows organizations to eliminate central node and failure issues by deploying multiple sensors across their networks. The sensor shares non-volatile state and removes the central manager, providing data and configuration redundancy. The Cyber Hunting Tools addresses analysts to monitor threats in minutes.

As a steady stream of data breaches at major organizations continues to demonstrate, attackers are evading security defenses that are limited to detecting known threats and unable adjust to evolving attack methods,” said Kris Lovejoy, President and Chief executive officer, BluVector.