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Boosting the Business Processes through Warehouse Digitization

By CIOReview | Monday, July 1, 2019

Digitization in the warehouse can create challenges as well as address them.

FREMONT, CA: If a consumer is asked about his purchasing habits, it won’t be a surprise if he prefers online over retail shopping. Marketers and distributors have realized the paradigm shift and are striving to keep up with the current demands. Further, the customers growing expectation for faster delivery is also forcing the businesses to streamline their supply chain.

Digitization is immensely contributing toward the businesses as it is allowing them to keep track of the products while minimizing the possibilities of human error. However, digitization in the warehouse can create challenges as well as address them.

The primary requirement is to educate the professionals over the pros and cons of digitization by incorporating the warehouse management systems (WMSs) to ensure positive public relations and customer satisfaction. Here are some of the significant benefits of using WMSs:

•  WMSs enhance the overall workflow, from receiving to returns. The technology has abundant use cases such as determining shelf placement, scanning incoming products, standardize packing sizes, and equipping customers with tracking capabilities and enabling them to monitor the returns if necessary.

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•  Another key advantage of using a WMS is that it offsets the packaging time, thereby allowing quick delivery of products. Businesses are further investing in the aspect of fast deliveries, especially after “the Amazon effect.”

•  Some WMSs are simplifying the tracking and assembling of the stocks with the help of voice-activated headsets. Instead of racing through the shelves, packers can speak out the item’s name required for each order, and they will be located and assembled near the packaging area through the digital assistants.

•  WMSs allow the organizations to gear up according to the upcoming business trends. Instant alerts to the warehouse managers concerning the trending products are possible with the help of real-time inventory tracking, which minimizes the chances of ending up with empty stock.

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•  As per the findings, employee theft constitutes 44 percent of warehouse shrink. With the help of WMSs that keeps employee theft under a check, warehouse managers can significantly enhance the profits.