Bright Computing Launches Bright Cluster Manager's Latest Version for HPC

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 8, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: Bright Computing, a provider of software solutions for provisioning and managing HPC clusters, Hadoop clusters and OpenStack private clouds unveils its Bright Cluster Manager Version 7.1 for HPC , offering easy and advanced cluster management.

Bright Cluster Manager Version 7.1 delivers an integrated enterprise-class solution for provisioning, scheduling, monitoring and managing organization’s data center and cloud servers, optimizing cloud utilization. The updated version for HPC unifies server and networking equipments which will enable customers to operate, deploy, use, maintain and manage HPC clusters over bare metal or in the cloud even more effectively through two intuitive graphical user interfaces.

According to Matthijs van Leeuwen, CEO, Bright Computing, the latest enhanced version for HPC will eliminate complexities across on-premise HPC as it allows managing HPC through a single interface alongside customer’s platform for Big Data Analytics, based on Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.

Bright Computing offers an installation wizard that will assist customers install software on each compute node in the cluster, capability to create software images for different types of servers in the cluster and ability to track changes in software images for improved cluster performance. Latest version supports Slurm, Sun Grid Engine and Univa Grid Engine that ensures optimal management of HPC application workloads. In addition it also provides integrated support for open source Puppet a declarative, model-based configuration management solution that lets you define the state of your IT infrastructure and automatically enforces the correct configuration.

Cluster Manager allows users to take advantage of inexpensive, secure, durable, flexible and simple storage services of AWS cloud for data archiving and backup. Further it supports Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre to lower remote storage management and integrated Dell BIOS operations, to introduce, use and maintain Cisco and Dell servers in customers HPC environment. Those who need to deploy, use and maintain a POSIX-compliant parallel file system will find the integrated IEEL support in Bright Cluster Manager Version 7.1.