Bringing Consumer Electronics and Automotive Electronics Closer
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Bringing Consumer Electronics and Automotive Electronics Closer

By CIOReview | Monday, September 26, 2016

FREMONT, CA: The infotainment section in an automotive environment in its current state is not aligned with the consumer electronics. Technologies such as Android and virtualization which are a norm in today’s world are an unknown entity to the in-vehicle electronics. Though advanced in its own way, the in-vehicle electrical and electronic infrastructure doesn’t leverage the current technology advances, but not anymore. Visteon and OpenSynergy have come together to bring in the consumer electronics and automotive in-vehicle electronics closer than ever.

Virtualization in in-vehicle environment means that different software can be run on the same platform (hardware.) Thanks to virtualization, different operating systems can run within partitions on the same processor to perform their tasks. This deal is based upon the idea of bringing about the integration of Linux or Android based infotainment activities along AUTOSAR—automotive software architecture standard.

COQOS, a safety solution from OpenSynergy which is basically an operating system that integrates Linux, Android and AUTOSAR will now be implemented in the OpenAir l1.2 infotainment platform. This would make agility, flexibility and safety a reality.  

Visteon Corporation with its three sectors, Halla Visteon Climate Control, Visteon Electronics and Visteon Interiors has been a prominent supplier of automotive in-vehicle products. OpenSynergy is a German software company that builds software for embedded automotive systems. The key to stay relevant in the market is to stay innovative and do things that weren’t done before and as such these companies have collaborated with each other.