C.A. Mobile Employs OpenStack for Flexible Infrastructure
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C.A. Mobile Employs OpenStack for Flexible Infrastructure

By CIOReview | Friday, April 15, 2016

OpenStack cloud solution RALEIGH, N.C: Red Hat recently announced that C.A. Mobile, a premier mobile service provider in Japan, has set up a flexible infrastructure to support its websites with the assistance of OpenStack cloud solution powered by Red Hat and Dell.

Enabled with Red Hat’s Linux OpenStack Platform, Dell Red Hat Cloud Solution has remarkably cut down the time for server provisioning and operating system installation thereby contributing to the delivery speed of the server.

Companies today increasingly prefer OpenStack for greater efficiency in operations, bring about innovation, and to save on costs. Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform aids in scaling the IT infrastructure and keeps up with the requirements of production-scale environment. The platform brings OpenStack and Linux to work together enabling faster response to customer demands, and needs of the internal cloud.

“Enterprise customers are continuing to require robust and more scalable cloud infrastructures that empower them to deliver business results. Dell and Red Hat’s close collaboration enables us to offer customers open source-based cloud solutions with greater flexibility and agility so they can achieve their intended business outcomes,” revealed Jim Ganthiervice President And General Manager, Engineered Solutions and Cloud, Dell.

The Tokyo-based company, C.A. Mobile operates several websites through which it offers services ranging from mobile content, media, and advertising. It features mobile strategies and websites of well-known artists and was thus looking for a flexible and highly responsive IT infrastructure to keep pace with the changing environment and traffic projection. Previously, all the systems in C.A. Mobile were run on an on-premise server whereas the sudden rush of traffic on artists’ websites owing to music release or event was met with the use of public cloud services. However, with time the on-premise server failed to keep pace with the web traffic fluctuations. C.A. Mobile, thus, required a responsive infrastructure that could meet this situation without the provision of intervening manually or looking after maintenance. 

With Dell Red Hat Cloud Solution, C.A. Mobile overcomes the problem efficiently where OS installation and server provisioning time has been brought down to 10 minutes from half a day.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform coupled with Dell Storage PS6210S and PS4100 arrays, and Dell Power Edge R630 servers along with Dell Red Hat Cloud Solution to extend flexible and modern infrastructure.  

Next, C.A. Mobile met its auto-scaling goals by employing the service of OpenStack Orchestration that sets up an environment with virtual machines. In addition to this, IT staff at C.A. Mobile received hands-on training through Red Hat Training to skill up the team for network configuration and infrastructure management.