CDH Users can Now Avail Yahoo's Data-serving Evaluation Model

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 13, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Cloudera, a provider of enterprise data management solutions, announces the availability of the Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB), an open source framework for evaluating and comparing the performance of multiple types of data-serving systems including NoSQL stores is now available for CDH users.

CDH is a distribution of Apache Hadoop and related products that offer unified batch processing, interactive SQL and interactive search and role based access control. CDH users can now install and use YCSB to evaluate the performance of their HBase deployments by taking advantage of new packages in Cloudera Labs. YSCB framework eyes facilitating performance comparison of new generation cloud data serving systems by defining a core set of benchmarks and report results.

YSCB comprises of two areas such as the YSCB Client, an extensible workload generator and the Core workloads, a set of workload scenarios to be executed by the generator. The core workloads provide an overall view of the system’s performance, and the client is extensible so that users can define additional workloads to examine system aspects or application scenarios not covered by the core workload; the client can also be extended to benchmark different databases.

To benchmark multiple data stores and compare them, users can install multiple data stores on multiple instances of an identical hardware configuration and run the same workloads against each instance, plot the performance of each system to see their relative performance profiles.