Cerby Joins Microsoft's Startup Program
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Cerby Joins Microsoft's Startup Program

By CIOReview | Monday, January 23, 2023

Microsoft inducts Cerby into its startup program to optimize its offerings through its automation-driven security solutions.

FREMONT, CA: "At Microsoft for Startups, our goal is to support startups at every stage of their journey," said Hans Yang, GM of Microsoft for Startups. "For seed-stage companies like Cerby, we aim to connect their innovative solutions to the needs of our enterprise customers. We are committed to helping Cerby integrate securely with Azure Active Directory so that our customers can manage their applications with confidence in the security and reliability of an enterprise-ready solution."

Cerby unveils its inclusion in Microsoft for Startups program. Cerby brings Microsoft its robotic solutions to emerging benefit business-to-business (B2B) entrants. It leverages automated technology to provide its clients with security solutions.

"It is a privilege to join Microsoft for Startups and get this opportunity to benefit from Microsoft's experience, technology, reputation and customer base around the world," said Belsasar Lepe, co-founder and CEO of Cerby. "Our goal is to enable a new level of security and productivity for business professionals, allowing them to choose the most useful applications, all while automatically correcting the most common security lapses like weak passwords and disabled 2FA. This arrangement with Microsoft gives us the foundation to reach a much wider audience."

Cerby is an emerging identity security provider of services like single sign-on to services like Microsoft's Azure AD. Cerby is a part of a program that provides startups with technical solutions and supports to optimize their business functions and market offerings. The program boosts an entrant's technical offerings, including scalability and security, while also receiving assistance with marketing and sales.