Checkers & Rally's Ties Up with Buxton to Identify Restaurant Growth Opportunities

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 15, 2016

FREMONT CA: In a major announcement made for foodies, Checkers and Rally’s Drive-In Restaurants, Inc., a well recognized drive-thru restaurant has partnered with Buxton analytics platform, a customer analytics company, to classify and grasp the upcoming opportunities for Checkers & Rally's restaurants across the United States. This restaurant chain has established its name through its "Crazy Good Food," exceptional value and people-first attitude.

With the help of this partnership, Checkers & Rally's will receive a customized real estate model acquired through the web-based Buxton Analytics Platform. Taking full advantage of the partnership, Checkers & Rally's will be able to examine potential sites, run daypart traffic reports, and create unlimited market expansion scenarios. There have been a huge number of organizations who have utilized the Buxton Analytics Platform as a pre-screening tool for their marketing decisions and the latest entry on the list is Checkers & Rally's.

Checkers and Rally's joins a developing rundown of associations utilizing the Buxton Analytics Platform as a pre-screening apparatus for land area and business sector arranging choices. "Buxton is pleased to support Checkers & Rally's growth efforts by providing the insights needed to select outstanding new restaurant locations. We look forward to being a part of the brand's continued success," said Stephen Polanski, Senior Vice President of Sales at Buxton.

With more than 800 restaurants and growing at rapid rate, Checkers & Rally's is a proven brand with building formats that is extensively expanding across the country. "Checkers & Rally's achieved our best growth in more than 15 years since Checkers and Rally's merged in 1999 and we're prepared to continue our aggressive growth. We look forward to integrating the insights from Buxton's analytics into our development strategy," said Jennifer Durham, Chief Development Officer of Checkers & Rally's.

To analyze and research the market for the estate locale, Buxton Analytics platform can be used extensively. Also customer valuation and target audience can be filtered and identified through this Platform. “We look forward to being a part of the Checkers & Rally's continued success” added Polanski.