Checkmarx's Enhances Mobile Application Security Solution in a Bid to Address Market Demand

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 13, 2015

LAS VEGAS, NV: Checkmarx, a provider of applications security solutions, announces enhanced solution for increased mobile security. The company’s latest offering supports open source multi-platform development framework, PhoneGap.

Checkmarx’s Mobile Application Security allows static code analysis of both native and hybrid applications. It allows developers to scan their source code without compilation and the delivered results highlight detected flaws and hands out instructions on resolving vulnerabilities to the developer. The additional enhancements increase the depth of coverage for native mobile applications. PhoneGap allows developers to create mobile apps in HTML, CSS and JavaScript which are automatically complied for Android, iOS and Windows mobile.

These additional enhancements feature in Checkmarx CxSAST – a powerful source code analysis solution that identify, track and fix technical and logical security flaws from the source code. CxSAST identifies and tracks application layer security vulnerabilities and can be integrated into the software development life cycle thus reducing security flaws in major programming languages.

“Over 7 billion mobile devices are being used today all around the world and their number is multiplying 5 times faster than human beings,” says Emmanuel Benzaquen, CEO, Checkmarx. “With the huge amounts of private information being transferred worldwide through these devices, the need for strong mobile security has become paramount. Mobile application security is a huge challenge and only robust application code can help organizations provide the users with the security they need, expect and deserve. ”