Cipher Unveils Knowledge Management Software for Faster Decision Making

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 6, 2016

ANNAPOLIS, MD: As the amount of corporate data on enterprises increases, it is essential for companies to compile them and effectively use it as required. Knowledge management software performs the task of capturing and using the organizational data to make the best out of it. To this end, Cipher Systems, a provider of competitive intelligence technology, has introduced knowledge management and competitive intelligence software, Knowledge360, to gather, organize and analyze information for smarter decision making.

With a customizable portal, Knowledge360 integrates premium data sources with companies’ internal files and information allowing users to find, view and share information throughout the organization. It automates routine aspects of competitive intelligence process reducing time and lets users pay for data and information that is relevant to them.

Knowledge360 features customizable dashboards that allows users to view what is of importance to them and monitor competitors’ overviews; dynamic analytics enabling users to view, edit, create dynamic analysis in one portal with creative visualization of data; advanced reporting to automate and simplify the formatting, production, distribution process with key insights on the team and real time data showing data from top information suppliers giving enterprises access to all the information they need. In addition, it helps in managing existing knowledge and external data to get a clear picture of the competitive environment.

Enterprises can drag and drop widgets for informative visualizations and analysis that are automatically updated once new information is added. Knowledge360 comes with pre-populated and timely data for real time news feeds to users. It helps companies to focus on developing actionable insights and get access to competitive data through a single platform while reducing time and cost.

“Traditionally, CI and Strategy practitioners can spend as much as half their time collecting data and information, leaving little time for analysis and developing strategic insights. With Knowledge360™, we’ve flipped the model and estimate organizations can achieve 45% more analysis for less than half the cost,” says Peter Grimm, MD, Cipher Systems.