Citrix's NetScaler CPX Enable Developers to Build Container-based Applications

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 24, 2015

FREMONT, CA: The current trends in Enterprise IT world indicate a gradual shift towards container-based architectures. The adoption of containerization is not only being a part of e-commerce and cloud, but also extending into the mainstream enterprise market as well. Citrix announces CPX, a containerized NetScaler application delivery controller (ADC) to support developers in building container-based applications. The new NetScaler CPX provides customers a new way to re-engineer their applications for agility and speed further increasing the adoption of Citrix’s platform.

NetScaler CPX helps developers to develop applications with the enterprise-grade ADC and load balancing functionality. It can be provisioned and deployed using the Docker command line just like any other container in the system. The applications developed by using CPX which are ready for production deployment are run by the central infrastructure team.

 CPX has an extensive range of features that include load balancing as well as an application firewall and SSL (secure sockets layer) offloading. In addition to VPX (virtual), MPX and SDX (physical) versions, CPX (containerized) version provides a single, consistent set of ADC services to application developers unified through a single API, management console and policies.

Citrix says that the new NetScaler CPX is in tech preview where the customers are given an opportunity to use the early version of NetScaler CPX to integrate into their applications and infrastructure and provide a feedback to further make improvements for the product if necessary that meets the customer needs.