Clari's Latest Flow Analytics to Improve Sales Performance

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 23, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Clari, the leading provider of predictive sales tools, recently launched Flow Analytics, which delivers insight into a customer’s pipeline for making adjustments necessary to close deals, as reported by Oren Smilansky, destinationCRM.

The company’s products harnesses machine learning and data analytics to aid sales organizations in efficiently tending to their daily tasks. The aim is to give sales executives accurate forecasts while providing managers the needed information to coach sales representatives, ultimately helping them make better decisions while interacting with customers.

“We've been [specializing in] sales analytics for about three years now, and one of the fundamental premises of what we're trying to do as a company—[and one] that's very different from a traditional business intelligence (BI) approach—is [ that we are] trying to understand sales teams,” says Kurt Leafstrand, Vice President of Product at Clari. To that end, each of Clari's new releases is intended to further connect what Leafstrand refers to as the "golden triangle" of the sales organization—executives, managers, and reps—so that they may improve their overall team performance.

The Flow Analytics displays all stages of an opportunity in a single “consumer oriented chart” to support ongoing cooperation among the corners of the triangle. Leafstrand states that Flow Analytics’ detailed history that includes visibility into customer activity as well as a "data science score," all of which gives users a clear understanding of what occurred with a particular prospect differentiates it from the traditional CRM and BI tools. The dashboard displays “Won” deals in green, “Slipped” deals in yellow, and “Lost” deals in red, and enables users to dig into individual instances and see how the status of a prospect has changed over time.

"We've designed Flow to be flexible," Leafstrand stresses. Rather than operating as a static dashboard, it is an interactive tool that can be operated in a number of unique ways. Managers, for instance, can tap into it to view day-to-day or week-to-week updates that enable them to oversee opportunities that are most in danger. With such real-time knowledge, leaders can take action and coach their reps to resurrect customer conversations that are “falling off the radar,” Leafstrand says. 

An upcoming release, which will be announced in the coming months, will address customer requests for added mobile functionality, Leafstrand says. The release will introduce the immediacy of Flow Analytics to handheld environments and include push notifications which  signal that action needs to be taken.