Clearpath Robotics to Build Industrial Robots
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Clearpath Robotics to Build Industrial Robots

By CIOReview | Friday, March 20, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Clearpath Robotics announces plans to broaden its innovative robotics portfolio with new line of service robots tailored for the industry applications. The robotics company has bagged investments from RRE Ventures that will be leveraged to boost automation in industrial production.

Robots for Automation

The company will build robots which will be essentially unmanned vehicles employing automation to fix the error-prone, unsafe materials-handling in the industry. Operating as driverless vehicles, these new vehicles glean data using sensors and channel it to the robots that will make the decisions to complete the task in the most efficient manner.

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“Manufacturing facilities are organized chaos,” said Matt Rendall, CEO and co-founder, Clearpath. “Our autonomous robots remove some chaos to optimize throughput, making it possible for manufacturers to significantly reduce costs while taking their workers out of harm’s way.”

The evolution of robotics in industrial production is expected to draw more manufacturing production environments back to the U.S. as much of the production is done on foreign soil due to the availability of cheap labor. The evolution of robots will also boost domestic job prospects opening up new opportunities in development and maintenance of these machines driven by artificial intelligence.

Robotics Business Review (RBR) has recently accredited Clearpath Robotics as one of the top 50 most noteworthy companies in the global robotics industry for 2015 which adds to the credibility of the company as the premier robotics solutions provider. Besides, its robotics solutions have been used in the mines in Chile to minimize the hazards in the dangerous mining environments.