Clearspan’s Ping To Deliver Unique Experience To Users
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Clearspan’s Ping To Deliver Unique Experience To Users

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 19, 2022

Clearspan Ping is purpose-built to serve the world's premier service providers and largest businesses to ensure a better user experience.

FREMONT, CA: An organization's goal must be to ensure that the customer gets an enhanced user experience while using their platform. While using any medium, customers provide whether it is secure and gives privacy to the users. When all the features are appropriately integrated into the software, it becomes easier to access. Clearspan has come up with Ping, a configurable communications and collaboration solution that delivers secure phone, video, and messaging everywhere, anytime, and on any device. It is designed to create unique user experiences while maintaining the security, privacy, and control that major organizations require.

Bill Crank, Chief Executive Officer of Clearspan, says, "At Clearspan, were committed to creating solutions that make it easier to create unique user experiences while retaining the security, privacy and controls that large organizations require. For decades, Clearspan has powered ubiquitous unified communications solutions that empower service providers and large organizations. Clearspan Ping is the next generation communications portal that enables personalized communications and will continue to digitally transform todays modern workforce, no matter where theyre located."

Ping is the latest addition to Clearspan's portfolio of scalable communication solutions, and it is a critical component in the company's journey to personalized communications. Ping's enhanced user functions include:

• Point-to-point and multiparty voice, video, and messaging.

• Screen and file-sharing.

• Team rooms for private collaboration.

• PSTN calling.

• Flexible access options such as browser-based, desktop, and mobile applications.

Ping distinguishes itself with the following features:

Brandable: Ping can be used to brand both service providers and organizations. Because there are no cobranding limitations, Ping can represent any organization.

Customizable: Ping is designed to be modified, from easy integration of regularly used apps like call center agent control, faxing, and SMS texting to cross-platform messaging and IoT device monitoring. Furthermore, Pings' deployment model is adaptable. Clearspan cloud, public cloud, private cloud, and premise-based hosting are all options for users.

Secure: Ping is entirely private, with end-to-end session encryption, allowing complete data sovereignty without data mining.