Cleversafe Strengthens Broadcast Accumulator Arrangement to Diversify Market Reach

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 22, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Cloud Storage firm, Cleversafe has recently announced the advancement of its annual broadcast abstracts accumulator design to double the accumulator accommodation along with adding a complete chiffonier for enterprise-class abstracts centers.

The dsNet Chiffonier 2200 from Cleversafe alien is an enhanced accumulator arrangement system that includes Accesser abstracts advancement appliance coupled with two of the Slicestor Accumulator servers, 2100 and 2200. The 1U (1.75-in) server dubbed as archetypal 2100 is featured with 8TB storage capacity whereas the archetypal 2200- 2U server comes with 24TB storage capacity. The new dsNet Chiffonier 2200 includes arrays of hardware product suites like 18 Slicestor servers, 2 Accesser accessories and an Omnience Manager appliance. It sports a 48-port multi-layer Ethernet about-face with accumulator spacing of 432TB.

Slicestor 2100 and 2200 Accumulator Servers is backed with substantial abstracts from the Accesser advancement apparatus that can be deployed single arbor in a abstracts centermost. It can be transferred to limited locations in a multi-site environment. “We’re able-bodied ill-fitted for 50TB capacities and larger. We don’t do baby actual well,” says Julie Bellanca, Ambassador of business, Cleversafe.

Cleversafe utilizes an algorithm integrated with Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) through its Accesser appliance. When an accumulator ambassador calls to balance data, the beginning amount of slices is necessary. For Instance, an archetypal agreement may deliver stored abstracts in 16 alone “slices,” admitting alone 10 are appropriate for rebuilding the file. “The abstracts is alone 60% of its aboriginal size. So compared to RAID, our accumulator technology is abundant added efficient,” added Julie Bellanca.