Cloud Computing Helps In The Direct Supply Of IT Products

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Downers Grove: Cloud computing is at the heart of one of the biggest transformations ever in the distribution chain that brings information technology (IT) products and services from suppliers to customers, according to a new whitepaper titled  ‘The Role of IT Distribution in a Cloud World’ released by CompTIA, non-profit association for the IT industry.

Cloud computing is an important and beneficial element in almost all industries, irrespective of their size. The advantages of Cloud, be it the cost effectiveness, unlimited storage or quick deployment and easy access to information have made it excel over traditional desktop software.

Today, with the help of cloud computing users can easily access software and can also send IT products directly to customers without the presence of middlemen.

“Unlike traditional IT products with clearly defined architectures and feature sets, cloud computing technology is by design more virtual and decentralized in nature. From a distributor’s point of view, this makes the technology more difficult to move through a supply chain – to ‘pick, pack and ship,” says Carolyn April, Director and industry analysis at CompTIA.  

 CompTIA’s whitepaper explains some of the steps that the distributors have to take to expand their relevance in cloud market which includes acquisitions of companies to strengthen their cloud business line and the creation of new logistical capabilities built specifically for cloud resellers and providers.

CompTIA research also found that more than half of the channel partners plan to use distributor cloud services for technical support for cloud solutions, 35 percent for aggregation of cloud services and 33 percent for vetting and evaluating cloud service providers.