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Clutch and GitHub Team-up to Provide Faster DevOps Deployment

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 5, 2015

SEATTLE, WA: Clutch, an enterprise focused DevOps technology and services firm have bought the services of GitHub to accelerate deployment of DevOps.

Clutch works with its clients to re-invent their method of approach to software development and delivery. They provide service offerings, involving cutting-edge skills and methodologies with improved speed, quality and reduced risk.

Called as the Clutch RevOps, it includes three stages. In the first stage, Immersion, a small contingent is sent to the clients firm to observe the work processes and deduce organizational patterns, gaps and challenges from which a game plan can be crafted. In the second stage, Design, the team works with the client’s IT professionals on executing the game plan. New team structures are implemented in the most organized and productive pattern possible. They also deploy necessary technology, architecture, tools and app changes. In the third stage, Build rapid prototyping, the first project is rapidly implemented. Few sprint cycles are conducted, achieving project goals and knowledge transfer simultaneously.

GitHub, an open source software development company, is a popular platform among developers for code collaborating collaborate through source control management, version control, code review, search and security among others to develop software.

This partnership of Clutch with GitHub, focuses on delivering a complete stack of agile solutions to improve software development to its vastly spread clients and coders.