Cohesive Networks Updates Hybrid Overlay Networking Appliance

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 17, 2016

CHICAGO, IL: Cohesive Networks, a provider of cloud-class security and networking software for enterprises, announces the general availability and updates of hybrid overlay networking appliance for cloud computing, VNS3:ha and network monitoring and management console,VNS3:ms, to equip complex enterprise cloud-based networks with high availability, failover and more.

VNS3:ha is a networking appliance, built for public, private, and hybrid cloud environment, which helps enterprises to integrate data center networks to cloud deployments with encrypted and controlled access. The updated features include: instance-based automated failover of IPsec and Cloud network connections, automated updates for cloud-based route tables and automated failover for overlay networks. The appliance allows customers to ensure things like IPsec failover without relying on connecting hardware or complex routing protocols, which in turn creates high available network connectivity. It also helps to meet disaster readiness policies, ensures reliable service uptime SLAs (service-level agreement), and also deliver seamless application delivery to end customers, thereby lowering the Total Cost of Ownership.

VNS3:ms is a single dashboard management system, which helps customers to manage, monitor and failover their VNS3 networks and VPN connections. The VNS3:ms monitoring system includes Docker containers inside VNS3 Managers, to manage all the web-based UI, API, or command line interface. The updates include: addition of VNS3:ha functionality, improvements to LDAP integration, message alerts , supports  https sessions secured via custom SSL certificates and expanded API. Through the VNS3:ms, customers can decide what security controls and access roles their team needs by managing credentials, password recovery, user authentication and role management with a few clicks.