Ultra Consultants Publishes Report on the Implications of ERP Implementation

Many organizations reach an impasse while choosing a suitable ERP solution, which leads to ambiguity around ERP software.

SCDCA's New Website: User friendly Interface with New Layout and Features

Our payment solutions encompass the full lifecycle of payments, right from origination to distribution.

Wireless Broadband Connecting the Unconnected

The vision and mission of Cambium Networks is to 'connect the unconnected.' Be it people, places, or IoT devices.

Protecting Sensitive Data: Cybersecurity in 2019

In 2019, IT security will not just be about protecting sensitive data and keeping hackers away from the systems.

Efficient Multimedia Solutions to Global Businesses

CyberLink is a global leader in the development of multimedia software.

Addressing the Need for Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions

UniVoIP announced its partnership with Palitto Consulting Services (PCS) to provide seamless cloud integration to customers focusing on business automation, simplification, and enhancement.

The Competition of Accumulating Blockchain Patents

Big financial and technological enterprises are spearheading the global drive to develop blockchain applications.

Disruptive Platform for Software-Defined Multi-Cloud Enterprises

HTBASE vision enables architects and operators to control their computer applications, data and services extremely easily by driving them off central points.

EFFECT.AI and DAIA Collaborate to Foster Advancement in AI and Blockchain Projects

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain are two major technologies that are accelerating the pace of innovation and introducing the radical shifts in various sectors.

90 E-nose Sensors Define "client-specific categories of odour"

There are several problems with environmental management such as too many reports are available for too few actions, excessive expertise without change, and too many unreleased data.

TEM Market in 2019: How will Enterprises Choose their Vendors?

AOTMP is a research and consulting team that develops analyst perspectives and market landscapes with more than 50 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, mobility, and IT management.

Medallia: Quickly Identifying and Meeting Customer Demands

There are lots of feedback sources we filter right on to the user’s iPhones and have analytics on them in real time. This makes it easier to open cases, fix relationships with customers, and discover root causes in order to fix things

Exploring the Challenges in Mobile Workforce Operations

Communication between mobile field technicians and customers has become a significant challenge in providing the best service to customers and has led to companies lagging with a limited set of tools that solve such significant business challenges.

Heading toward Faster Manufacturing and Smart Supply

While the factories do have a grasp on their manufacturing processes, they seem to be lacking control down the supply chain

Connecting to Online Customers with Smart Technology

Consumers rely heavily on brands that have the best and most captivating information when they’re looking for fun, new, and interesting events nearby