Suffusing Physical Security Needs through Smart and Standalone Access Control

In a world where the risk to security appears large, sophisticated access control brings with it innovation and new success-driven capabilities to the digital era.

IT Solution Architects to Deliver End-to-End Solution Recommendations, Development and Implementation

John McCarthy President and CEO at Mainline Information Systems is appointed to the Board of Directors, Wayside Technology Group.

Revolutionizing Edge-controlled Database Activities with New Data Management Solutions

FairCom Corporation is a pioneer in the computer sector and a worldwide leader in database technology.

Multi-Level Process Mining Framework, a new strategy to optimize Enterprise Business Processes Management

There are always a few fundamental challenges associated with business process management, which the Process Mining solution can address.

Frode Helland-Evebo Joins PGT as VP of Marine Direct Sales

Pacific Green Technologies (PGT) recently welcomed Frode Helland-Evebo into the company, revamping its senior management team.

Key Factors Making Storage Vital in Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has become an essential mode of security for a large number of organizations.

New AI's Way of Transforming the HR Units

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that culminates the creation of smart machines that work and reacts like humans.

Optiv Security Elevates Client Success with New Business and Engagement Model

Optiv Security, a global cybersecurity solution integrator announced the implementation of an advanced cybersecurity protocol and business engagement model to transform the traditional consumption methods.

Kustomer Curates Holistic Customer Experiences, See What Anomalie Shares!

Kustomer is positioned as an end-to-end Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution innovator, which can easily be a part of every people-first, efficiency-featuring enterprise.

How Does Hyphen Plan to Reduce Home Builders Concerns?

Hyphen solutions, a cloud-based management software provider, has announced the integration of its flagships, Hyphen HomeFront ERP solution and Hyphen BuildPro, the popular construction management software.

Datadog Improvises to Innovative Log Management Process

Datadog, one of the eminent pathfinders in the field of analytics and monitoring ventures for contemporary cloud environments, has launched its new HIPAA-compliant Log Management service.

Horizon Deputes Glenn Lytle as its New Chief Revenue Officer

Telecom service providers strive to enhance their network performance for superior service delivery.

AxxessCARE: Recasting Healthcare Scheduling and Staffing

AxxessCARE is now accessible for home healthcare providers. It is an advanced scheduling and staffing solution.

DataRobot Partners with Informatica for Seamless AI Integration

DataRobot, a leading provider of automated machine learning solutions, recently signed a pact with Informatica, a premier developer of cloud data management, to accelerate the adoption of AI integration across various industries.

Qlik's New Multi-Cloud and Augmented Intelligence Capabilities

The idea requires all the data to be available using the new cloud-first approach for data discovery and delivery.