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CRG Appoints DrivenBI's SRK to Enable Just-in-Time Decisions for Project Profitability

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Gregory G. Curtin, Founder and CEO, Civic Resource Group

Gregory G. Curtin, Founder and CEO, Civic Resource Group

FREMONT, CA: Civic Resource Group (CRG), a Los Angeles-based technology provider, has selected SRK, a patented and innovative cloud data-analysis platform by DrivenBI- to take timely decisions on project finances and resources. CRG utilized the cloud based self-service data analysis platform of SRK for dynamic and accurate analyzation of their KPI’s, to enhance support to their just-in-time decisions for resource allocation and efficient monitoring of project finances.

CRG backed on SRK to replace manual spreadsheet analysis along with creating real-time and aggressive analytics for resource management that tracks project cost and employee utilization. SRK helped CRG employees by eliminating the required workforce in building similar spreadsheet reports weekly and monthly. This data analysis platform enables CRG to automate the import of project data, while connecting their data to various systems, centralizing analysis logic and creating reports based on legitimate facts.

SRK eliminates the time and resource consuming manual processes along with the complexity associated in the analysis process. After importing the data, SRK automatically implements analysis logic to the newly data and provides just-in-time analysis. Later reports can be scheduled at the time of generation and can be shared with the clients online or through hard copies. It allows allocation of previously used resources to other important projects.

DrivenBI customized the SRK software especially for business users that will help CRG in easily arranging real-time ad-hoc of reports based on the ever-changing specifications and needs.  It enables CRG to drill into the resource management report and make changes into the dimensions for analyzing from different viewpoints, like employee, project, or project owners. The target utilization of each team member can be effectively optimized by comparing the scheduled working hours with the actual hours worked.