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Customer Service Powered by AI

By CIOReview | Monday, June 11, 2018

Experts have been arguing that the advent of artificial intelligence was to reach an ultimate destiny to mimic human like cognizance with an equal or more computing ability to harness.   With the rise of the artificial neural network that mirrors the interconnected nodes of the human brain, the pursuit of artificial intelligence seems to have reached its fruition.

The artificial neural networks are programmed to be cognizant enough to detect and recognize patterns. It is capable of reading human speech and synthesizing the use of specific words and indentifying the subtle meanings within a communication. The results are astounding once the processing speed is taken into consideration.

Giving machine learning algorithms access to historical customer service data will enable it to identify patterns and do the learning in a humanized way. Through this process an AI model is created, which will be trained on the company specific customer service data set. This intelligence will be capable to generate auto-response suggestions to customers and their queries and acts as a partner and a helping hand for the human customer-service professional dealing with a growing volume of requests.   

The implications for the customer service industry with this technology are profound. Data being fed to a machine-learning program creates a neural network or intelligence behind AI. This intelligence enables humans to form a better understanding of their customers, comprehend and act upon their requests with enhanced speed and precision. However, a significant part of these speculations are under development from an innovation point of view.

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