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Cyber Forza, Inc. Announces a Strategic Partnership with Japan Radio Co. Ltd (JRC) to Bring Cognitive & Adaptive AI-Based Secure Communications to Japan and Worldwide Public Safety

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 3, 2019
SANTA CLARA, Calif: Japan Radio Co., Ltd (JRC) owned and operated by Government of Japan and a leader in Advanced LTE Network in a Box Products and cloud RAN application with integrated security solutions, announced a strategic partnership with Cyber Forza, global provider of AI-driven, prevention-first security solutions. This strategic partnership will enhance JRC Advanced LTE Box Solution and Cloud Communication Solution with the additional benefit of Cyber Forza's AI-driven threat detection to proactively prevent advanced threats, Ransomware, and malware in Advanced 4G/5G network and cloud applications related to Public Safety.

The use of JRC Advanced LTE Box Solution and cloud RAN applications including Cloud Communication Systems of JRC, has become nearly ubiquitous in organizations of all sizes and as a result, threats from Ransomware, Advanced malware and phishing attacks are increasing in scale and complexity. Cyber Forza’s CISS Defender adoptive AI-based threat detection adds enhanced protection against advanced threats often missed by traditional security technology. By leveraging the Advanced Communications Network in a Box with integrated Cyber Intelligent Security Software from Cyber Forza Inc., Government and non-Govt. organizations can better protect their Communications Infrastructure. Cloud RAN applications gain greater visibility and control using Cyber Forza CISS Defender.

"Advanced Ransomware threats and malware are continuously evolving to be much more difficult to detect," said Dr. Katsuhiko Sato, General Manager, Global LTE Business Development Group, Business Operation Division - JRC. "With Cyber Forza's powerful AI-based Ransomware and advanced malware detection integrated with JRC LTE Box Solution we can counter these threats. JRC Advanced Solution with cloud RAN-native implementation offers enhanced communications infrastructure cyber security protection. We can offer customers the ability to not only detect but to prevent advanced malware penetration of customer data, cloud assets and their proprietary business information."

"We are excited that JRC has selected Cyber Forza to provide their customers with our Cognitive & Adaptive AI-based prevention technology," said Dr. Venkat Rayapati, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Cyber Forza. "Our Adaptive AI-based security technology, coupled with our prevention-first approach to cybersecurity, has permanently reinvented how businesses address network infrastructure end to end security today."