Devart Facelifts Microsoft SQL Server Management with Enhanced dbForge
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Devart Facelifts Microsoft SQL Server Management with Enhanced dbForge

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 3, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Devart, developer of database tools and administration software simplifies the database development with the new add-ins for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. The release includes tools for source controlling, unit testing SQL databases, object searching and data pumping. In addition to providing data across multiple database servers, Devart works on web and mobile development projects as well.

dbForge Source Control: The add-in effectively manages the SQL Server database changes in source control. User’s database can now be linked with all the available source control systems like SVN, TFS, Git, Perforce and more to ensure flawless workflow. The Working folder consists of SQL script files which represent the customer’s database; it keeps track of the database changes. Once the changes are saved, the folder can be source-controlled with the version control system.

dbForge Unit Test: With this add – in Devart offer its customers an interactive GUI that automates the unit testing of the database code. Built on ‘tSQLt’, an open source framework the tool now allows developers to write unit tests in T-SQL.

dbForge Object Search: Searching the SQL objects and data in the database is now effortless with this free add-in. It eliminates the need to scan through the enormous Object Explorer list to find a required object. Besides searching by name, the add-in also provides options for searching by object type, database and connection and across multiple databases.

dbForge Index Manager: Index fragmentation statistics resulting from the database scan reveals the issues in the database; allows to rebuild and reorganize SQL indexes in visual mode or builds SQL script for future use. This indirectly boosts the SQL Server performance. The scan results can be saved to an external output file in CSV format.

dbForge Data Pump: SQL databases can now be populated with external source data; data can also be migrated between different system. It supports wide range of file formats such as .txt, .xls, .xml, .odbc, .dbf, .html, .sql, .csv and more. The tool manages the recurring cases with its advanced options and templates.

Devart also declares reduced pricing on purchase of dbForge Developer Bundle for SQL Server rather than buying individual tools.